What is Branding?



In graphic design, branding is a term we use for a service we offer that consists of creating a logo and other related materials to represent a company’s visual identity. The purpose of branding is to create an emotional and psychological relationship between a company and it’s customers.

For example, when people think of the Apple brand, they immediately think of the high-end, clean, and modern technology offered at their stores. The emotional aspect of Apple would be that people feel important and up-to-date when they buy Apple products and are seen with Apple products. The Apple logo is also very simple and recognizable too, being that it is an apple with a bite. In branding, it’s not purely about sales or marketing, it’s about the emotional response customers have with your products.

The Guidelines of Branding

At Firedove Creative, we believe that owning a company is one thing, but presenting that company as a brand is something totally different. You have to think of who you’re trying to market to, how you will grab their attention and get them to buy your product, and then the experience they will take home with them. These are all important aspects that you need to really think of when creating a brand. Here are a few simple guidelines we follow when creating a brand:

  • 1. Customers are not only CONSUMERS, but important PEOPLE.

    We believe that viewing your customers as actual people is the first step to creating an effective brand. When we begin to turn your company into a brand, we always keep in mind WHO your company is marketing to, HOW we will attract them to your brand, and WHAT they will experience with your brand.

  • 2. A Product fulfills the need, but an experience fulfills a desire.

    What makes or breaks a brand comes down to the experience. When turning a company into a brand we think of these things: What will people experience coming to you that some of your other competitors may not offer? Can people trust your brand? How? What is the mood you want to set when people experience your brand?

  • 3. A good brand needs the right representation.

    We believe that in order to gain people’s attention to your brand, it is going to need the right representation. It’s one thing to be noticed, but another thing to also be loved. Everything from the basic design of the logo, the overall product, the advertising, the interior design, and customer service will all play a crucial role in representing your brand. At Firedove Creative, we believe that the key to having a successful brand experience is to create a relationship with your customers.

Why do you need branding?

Branding establishes your company’s visual identity and a sense of self-awareness. It creates an emotional relationship with your consumer and brings organization to your company. It also establishes a consistent visual theme that will help you stand out from your competition.

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